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... However, confidentiality provisions of batterer’s intervention programs impede the
ability of the court and the protected party to obtain attendance ... - 10/3/2014 - View as HTML

[PDF] Risky Business...Representing Multiple Interests WINTER 1993
... including withdrawal. O ne point — too often overlooked — which should always be
a part of any disclosure is how client confidentiality will be treated. ... - View as HTML

[PDF] Microsoft PowerPoint - Pro Bono Powerpoint [Compatibility Mode]
... 19 – Keeping client informed – Ensuring client understands • Confidentiality
THE DIFFICULT CLIENT “Hello, Hal.” “Do you read me, Hal?” ... - 4/23/2013 - View as HTML

... topics are planned: ethical issues in pro bono representation; civility and the
ethical bounds of aggressive lawyering; media, confidentiality and trial ... - 12/27/2012 - View as HTML

... discuss ethical issues that often arise in pro bono representations, such as conflicts
of interest, competency, communication, supervision and confidentiality. ... - 3/14/2013 - View as HTML

Ethics Opinions - FORMAL OPINION NO. 1984-84
... the attorney in connection with another matter except where in doing so he would
be violating a legitimate expectation of confidentiality with respect to ... - 26k - Cached

Ethics Opinions - FORMAL OPINION NO. 1979-50
... Blue, having hired the secretary, should define explicitly what obligations exist
with respect to confidentiality and employment by other lawyers. ... - 10k - Cached

California Bar Journal - Official Publication of the State Bar of ...
... of Professional Conduct and applicable case law. Client confidentiality:
California rules. The conduct of California lawyers is governed ... - 34k - Cached

[PDF] Strategic Communications Consulting
... currently. 10. Would the State Bar be willing to sign a confidentiality
agreement prior to our proposal submission? Specific limited ... - 4/19/2013 - View as HTML

California Bar Journal - Official Publication of the State Bar of ...
... The declaration must be stated ‘in general terms and without compromising the
confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship.’ The supporting ... - 30k - Cached