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Family Law Case Studies for March 2014
... In exchange Husband agreed to forego enforcement of an award of attorney fees as
sanctions in the amount of $100,000. The CA found no error in these orders. ... - 91k

Family Law Case Studies for January 2014
... FC § 271 Sanctions. ... On these facts, an award of $15,000 in sanctions on top of
the need-based fee order could be excessive and unreasonable. ... - 101k

Family Law Case Studies for August 2012
... Three discovery requests produced three inadequate responses. Wife's motion for
further responses was granted and sanctions of $7,500 were imposed. ... - 101k

Case Studies December 2011
... imposed a terminating sanction for wife's failure to file a preliminary declaration
of disclosure without first testing the effectiveness of lesser sanctions. ... - 101k

Family Law Case Studies for November 2012
... Irmo Wong and Genser – Unpublished opinion of District 1, Division 5 (Filed November
30, 2012). Pursuing an untimely appeal warrants sanctions. ... - 80k

Family Law Case Studies for June 2012
... The CA also rejected the argument that the trial court should have tried lesser
sanctions before imposing an issue sanction. ... Family Law Section 271 Sanctions. ... - 101k

Family Law Case Studies December 2013
... In March 2010, Wife filed an OSC and motion to secure a writ of attachment that
would permit her to collect sanctions, statutory penalties and various other ... - 101k

Family Law Case Studies for October 2012
... AFFIRMED IN PART. SANCTIONS REVERSED. The Trial Court Correctly Valued the Pension
Plans. ... (Cf. Irmo Foster (1986) 180 Cal.App.3d 1068, 1072.). The Sanctions. ... - 101k

Family Law Case Studies March 2013
... ". The trial court granted Husband's motions and imposed sanctions. ... Wife appealed.
AFFIRMED. It Was Not Error to Impose Terminating Sanctions. ... - 101k

Family Law Case Studies, April 2012
... those alleged by DCSS in it OSC re Contempt. FC § 271 Sanctions Against
Wife. After the trial court dismissed her OSC re Contempt ... - 101k