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Selected Statutes Re Discipline of Attorneys and Dutiesof Members ...
... 6453, Paralegals—Duty of Confidentiality. ... 2018.070, Exception: State Bar
Disciplinary Charges Pending; Client Approval; Confidentiality. ... - 82k

California Bar Journal
... New ethics rule clarifies confidentiality exception California became the last state
in the country last month to modify its duty of attorney-client ... - 25k

California Bar Journal
... Confidentiality battle far from won Attorneys critical of what they say has been
a dangerous erosion of the attorney-client privilege are pointing to ... - 24k

California Bar Journal - Official Publication of the State Bar of ...
... (Rules of Prof. Conduct, rule 4-100(B)(3).). Lawyers must also maintain client
confidentiality, even after any dispute has been fully and finally resolved. ... - 29k

California Bar Journal
... The business should have exit procedures in place to remind departing employees
of their confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation obligations. ... - 61k

Proposed Amendments to Admissions Rules re Open/Closed Meetings of ...
... 6060.25. Confidentiality of information provided by applicant to the State Bar
for admission and license to practice law. Notwithstanding ... - 71k

... 6. A procedure for preserving the confidentiality afforded by Business and Professions
Code section 6202, except that such procedure shall not prohibit the ...

California Bar Journal - Official Publication of the State Bar of ...
... Courts do have inherent power to issue evidence preclusion or other sanctions where
an attorney has engaged in conduct that compromises confidentiality. ... - 33k

California Bar Journal
... The customer may require that each member of the supplier’s staff sign an individual
confidentiality agreement specifically for the customer’s benefit. ... - 42k

California Bar Journal - Official Publication of the State Bar of ...
... 954, the Legislature has determined the concern over suppression of relevant evidence
is outweighed by the importance of preserving confidentiality in the ... - 31k