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Bar committee considers uniform law school accreditation standard ...
... Like the other California-accredited law school deans, Jane Gamp of San Francisco
Law School said she favors one set of accreditation rules for distance and ... - 20k

Nine garner President’s Pro Bono Service Awards
... There's no shortage of inspiration in the story of deputy state public defender
Ellen Jane Eggers and her efforts to help Franky Carrillo, arrested at 16 and ... - 28k

Committee of Bar Examiners June 27 2014 minutes
... Admissions staff members Tammy Campbell, Patrick Kan and Becky Romero, Professor
Greg Brandes, Dean Carol Buckner, Dean Mitchel Winick, Dean Jane Gamp, Dean ... - 33k

California Journal of Tax Litigation
... Klasing, Esq. Chair Elect provides the minutes of the September 7, 2012
Committee Meeting Jane Becker, Esq. CPA, CTFA, provides ... - 61k

Family Law News
... Practice Pointers: Protecting Your Client’s Privacy in Depositions By Jane Preece,
Esq. ... Message from the Editor By Jane S. Preece, Editor. ... - 101k

... 07-O-11231, based on a complaint by Daremus Watts. The second was filed on October
15, 2009, in case no. 08-O-10413, based on a complaint by Jane Kishiyama. ... - 9/25/2012
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[PDF] Ryan seeks review, denying culpability and requesting that the ...
... 08-O-10413, based on a complaint by Jane Kishiyama. On ... On October 8, 2006, Jane
Kishiyama hired Ryan to substitute in for another attorney in ...

Real Property Law
... Jane A. Rheinheimer, Rheinheimer & Smigiliani, APC. Webinar: Airbnb: Financial
Opportunity or Legal Nightmare? Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 5:30 pm - 7 pm. ... - 43k

Inevitable Disclosures for November 30
The Section furthers knowledge of members in the law of patents, trademarks, trade
secrets, copyright and licensing; covers matters of technology, unfair business ... - 53k

California Journal of Tax Litigation
... My thanks go out to last year's officers (David Klasing, Jane Becker, Patrick Crawford,
and Joe Wilson) for a great year. They set a high bar for us to meet. ... - 101k
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