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More Discipline
... RONALD JOSEPH BRITT [#60664], 63, of Citrus Heights (March 1, 2013). ... MATTHEW JOSEPH
FAIRSHTER [#131667], 51, of Los Angeles (March 11, 2013). ... - 18k

New law bans advanced fees for immigration reform work
... State Bar CEO Joseph Dunn said the bar will work to address the
governor’s concerns and reintroduce the legislation next year. ... - 20k

Disorder in the court
... The script was narrated by Richard H. Rahm, who wrote the script for the California
Supreme Court Historical Society, and State Bar CEO Joseph Dunn. ... - 34k

Agreement lays out plan for the end of a practice
... bookkeeper. But some attorneys “keep it in their heads and now they’re
gone,” said Deputy Chief Trial Counsel Joseph Carlucci. ... - 20k

Justices tout civics learning as key to democracy
... Joseph Dunn, CEO and Executive Director of the State Bar, said history has
shown that if you try to change the world you will fail. ... - 20k

First Latino, public defender prepares to head governing board
... “It means a lot to me that this happened for so many reasons,” Rodriguez said at
the May 10 Board of Trustees meeting after CEO Joseph Dunn announced that ... - 19k

From the President
... For further information on the current funding cuts and what you can do, please
email Joseph Dunn, CEO of the State Bar, at, Paul ... - 19k

... In the Matter of JOSEPH KEITH FERREIRA, ... OPINION Petitioner Joseph Keith Ferreira
was disbarred from the practice of law in California effective April 22, 1994. ...
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... a disciplinary investigation. MICHAEL ANTONIO JOSEPH [#76924], 65, of
Christiansted, Virgin Islands, was disbarred Feb. 28, 2015 ... - 43k

... JOSEPH GUY MAIORANO [#113876], 58, of San Diego was disbarred Jan. ... JOSEPH
EDWARD SHEERIN [#219244], 51, of Calpine was disbarred Feb. ... - 33k